Personal Appearance

Wearing Hats While Grooming Pets

27 Jan , 2016  

pet grooming hat

Who doesn’t want to have some style while they are pet grooming? Sometimes it hard to accessorize when pet groomers are dealing with water and pet hair all day. But what about hats? More…

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Fashionable Pet Grooming Gear

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pet Groomers

12 Dec , 2015  

Puppy Taking Bath

Need some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for the special pet groomer in your life? Check out More…

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Grooming Apparel

Grooming Apparel Tips for the Busy Pet Groomer

16 Sep , 2015  

Things you should avoid as a pet groomer

What’s great about being a pet groomer is there is no set dress code at work, but there are still limitations and certain expectations More…

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