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Wearing Hats While Grooming Pets

27 Jan , 2016  

Who doesn’t want to have some style while they are pet grooming? Sometimes it hard to accessorize when pet groomers are dealing with water and pet hair all day. But what about hats? There are so many fashionable hats that can add to any outfit. Not to mention, they are a lifesaver on bad hair days. So would they be appropriate in for pet groomers to wear while grooming? Here’s the rundown on wearing hats while pet grooming.

Move Over Bill

First off, hats can get in the way while pet grooming. When a groomer is doing close-up work on a pet, the bill of the hat can get in the way. Think about this: how many times a day do you get your face close to a pet’s body while grooming? The average size of the bill on a woman’s hat is about 3.5 inches. This can sometimes get in the way while you’re trying to groom a pet.

Scare Factor

scared dog

Another thing to think about is the pet themselves. Some pets are very excited to be at the pet groomers. However, some pets tend to get nervous. Hats and large head accessories can sometimes scare a pet. When the pet is already nervous or anxious about their environment, the last thing a pet groomer would want to do is add to it.

Business Blocker

Also, wearing a ball cap while grooming can take away from the professional look of the groomer. Having a professional appearance is essential to creating a solid business. Many places that allow hats to be worn in the workplace often allow them for health safety reasons, such as restaurant workers. When you walk into the office that does your taxes or into a retail shop, you would rarely see employees wearing hats. The reason for this is that it takes away from the professional look the company is trying to portray. The same rule of thumb would go for the pet grooming industry. The more of a professional presence your company portrays, the more likely clients will be drawn into your shop.


So what are the alternatives to wearing hats? If you are trying to keep your hair out of your face, you can try cute up-do’s or even wear a pretty headband. They are fairly cheap and do a fantastic job on keeping your hair out of your face.

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