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Foundation Primer- Is It Necessary for Pet Groomers?

3 Nov , 2015  

When working with clients we need to maintain a professional appearance. Clean clothes, keeping hair and maintained, and having a friendly personality will make you look professional and help your pet grooming business thrive. The key to successful all-day makeup starts at the beginning with the primer. Foundation primer will allow you to work all day as a pet groomer without the need to reapply any makeup, even through the sweat and water! Whether you are a makeup professional or someone who wears it on occasion, having a great primer is a must! When I first started with makeup as a teenager I had no idea about primer. With all my dance recitals and photo shoots, knowing about primer would have been beneficial and would have saved me a lot of makeup (and clogging of my pores resulting in those horrible pimples!).

What Is Primer?

Foundation primer is a base for your foundation and makeup that gives you a smooth surface to work with and allows your makeup to last longer. Primer smooths the skin, fills in lines, corrects discoloration, and makes your pores appear smaller. Primer comes in three different types: powder, cream, and gel. Primer gives your makeup something to grab onto which helps it stay on longer.

Foundation Primer Before and After On An Orange- Great Coverage of Lines and Pores

Foundation Primer Before and After On An Orange- Great Coverage of Lines and Pores

How To Find The Right Primer For You

The key to finding a great primer for yourself is making sure you find the primer that matches your skin type. Oily skin, redness, sweat-proof, even light primer—they have it all! One thing to keep in mind is that many makeup primers have silicone in them to give that flawless finish that primer gives you. Silicone can irritate acne-prone and sensitive skin. If this is an issue for you, try silicone-free primers. Click here for more information about finding the perfect foundation primer for yourself!

Application Of Primer

Less is more with primer. Don’t pile on the primer as this could overclog your pores and mess up your foundation. A small drop should be enough to cover a section of your face (for example, a small drop for your forehead, a small drop for your left cheek, etc.). You can always add more, so start with a small amount and see how far that goes. When putting on primer, don’t use brushes or sponges, use your finger. Make sure you have clean hands when touching your face. Evenly distribute your primer throughout your entire face, making sure to cover every corner of your face. Allow your primer to dry for 5-10 minutes before putting on foundation or powder.

If you want the flawless makeup look all day through the water, sweat, and hard work of being a pet groomer foundation primer is a must. You can also wear primer without any foundation to provide a natural look without the oil or sweat. To find the perfect primer for your skin type click here.

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