Secrets To Keeping A Long-Lasting Manicure

30 Sep , 2015  

Who doesn’t love a beautiful manicure? They are something so beautiful but nearly impossible to keep as a pet groomer. After just a few short days, the polish tends to start chipping and peeling off. Chipping nail polish can be so frustrating but there are ways to help avoid it with a few simple at-home tricks.

Get your chores done first, use your manicure as a reward

First, make sure you are doing your manicure on a day where you can relax. Do as many chores and errands as you can before the manicure. A manicure can take up to 12 hours to dry, so it’s best to avoid hot water as much as you can after you do your nails. This can be a quick start to chipping polish.

Shaping your nails

Shaping your nails will have a big impact on how long your manicure will last. Try to keep your nails rather short. When you have longer nails the tips are exposed more and you tend to use them more. Try to keep the length of your nails around the length of the tip of your finger so your finger will be used rather than just your nail. This can help avoid chipping of the polish.

When you are filing your nails file them in one direction rather than going back and forth. Filing your nails and forth will weaken the nail and make it break and peel.

Do not soak your nails in water

The key to maintaining a long-lasting manicure is to dehydrate but avoid over-dehydration. Soaking your nails in water right before the manicure will cause the nail to absorb it and expand the natural shape of the nail. Once your nails dry (which will be after they are polished) the nail will contract to its original size and cause the polish to chip and crack.

Use nail polish remover even if the nail is bare

Start by wiping off your nails with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. This will allow all the excess water, oil, dust, moisturizer, or any other residue from you nails and give you a clean slate to work with.

Steps for a long-lasting at home manicure

  1. Remove any nail polish that is on your nails. If there is no polish, start by shaping your nails and pushing back your cuticles.
  2. Wipe your nails down with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.
  3. Use a block buffer and buff nails. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the block buffer. The point of buffing your nails is to remove any excess moisture in the nail, not to thin the nail.

  4. To clean off the dust that comes from buffing your nails use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Rubbing alcohol will work best. Pour some alcohol in a small cup (you can even use the cap of the bottle), dip your nail in it, and let it dry.
  5. This is one of the most important steps-USE A BONDING AGENT. This is usually the missing piece in keeping a long-lasting manicure. We recommend OPI Bond Aid as it is decently priced and works like magic. We haven’t come across another bonding agent that provides fantastic results. Apply one coat and allow it to dry.

  6. Apply a base coat to your nails. Any base coat will work, but just remember the better the base coat the better the manicure. Nail Tek Foundation III works fantastically as it fills in the ridges of your nails giving you a smooth manicure and also strengthens your nails. The price and the high quality of this product gives you the biggest bang for your hard-earned buck! Apply one even coat to nails and allow it to dry. When applying the base coat make sure you are sealing the nail by running the nail polish over the top edge of your nails. This is a part of the nail that is often forgotten and leads to early polish chipping.

  7. Apply your nail polish. When apply the polish try not to pack on the polish by using thinner strokes. If the polish is too thick on your nails it will peel off and shorten the life of your manicure. Allow the nail polish to dry before going onto the next step.
  8. Apply a top coat. Just like the base coat, the better the top coat the longer lasting the manicure. Nail Tek has a fantastic top coat that, just like their base coat, strengthens your nails. Also, similar to the base coat, make sure you are sealing the top edge of your nail. This is even more important in the top coat as it provides the final seal to the manicure and will be the first defense against chipping.

  9. To help speed up the drying process you can use a drying product. Nail Tek 10 speed is a great drying product. Just drop a few drops onto your nails, let it spread around the nail, dry, and your all set!

You can maintain your manicure by putting top coat on every few days to prevent chipping. By following these few tips you’ll be sure to have a long-lasting, beautiful manicure! Think gel manicures are the the key to no-chipping nails? Check out these facts about gel manicures here.

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