sock bun


Sock bun

16 Sep , 2015  

Hair is important in the grooming industry. After all, isn’t this what the industry is built on? But what about the pet stylists’ hairstyles? We want to make ourselves presentable, but working in the grooming industry makes it nearly impossible to have a decent hairstyle. Groomer Fashionista is here to show you a simple hairstyle that will only take a few minutes, is very simple, and looks professional. You can finally have fashionable hairstyles as a pet groomer!

When choosing a hairstyle, you must make sure to keep your hair up and off your shoulders. The last thing you want to worry about is your hair while you’re grooming a pet. So many things can happen if your hair is down:

  • It can block your view while grooming a pet
  • If you try to move your hair from your face in the middle of a groom, chances are you’ll get pet hair all over your face. We all know the frustration that comes with this….and the itchiness!!
  • Worst of all, you could accidentally cut your own hair. I’m sure this was NOT on your to-do list during the pet’s groom.

A simple, fashionable hairstyle that works perfect for the busy groomer is the sock bun (or sometimes known as the donut bun). This hairstyle will only take 60 seconds and you’ll be good to go all day long!

All you’ll need is:

  • 2 Hair ties
  • Hair donut– try to get a donut that matches closely to your hair color
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray

    Tools for a sock bun

    Tools for a sock bun



How to make the sock bun:

Step 1: Place hair in a ponytail using a hair tie. This hairstyle usually works best with at least shoulder-length hair
Step 2: Place hair donut around ponytail
Step 3: Tilt your head forward to distribute your hair around the donut. Make sure that your hair cascades evenly around the donut.
Step 4: Place a hair tie around the donut securing your hair. Make sure no part of the donut is visible. If you can see part of the donut, your hair wasn’t distributed evenly around the whole donut in step 3. To fix this, simple take off the hair tie you applied in step 4 and redistribute your hair evenly. The key to having a perfect donut bun is making sure your hair is cascaded evenly over the donut.
Step 5: Twist remaining hair around the base of the bun
Step 6: Secure hair with bobby pins
Step 7: Hairspray finished hairstyle

How to make a sock bun step by step

How to make a sock bun step by step



This hairstyle can be used with a hair donut or a DIY version of a hair donut- a sock. To create the sock bun, simply take a tube sock, cut the toe end off, and roll the sock until the whole sock is rolled into a circle.

How to make a DIY hair donut

How to make a DIY hair donut

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