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Grooming Apparel Tips for the Busy Pet Groomer

16 Sep , 2015  

What’s great about being a pet groomer is there is no set dress code at work, but there are still limitations and certain expectations that need to be met. So where is the pet grooming apparel lines drawn? How does personal appearance for pet groomers matter? Here is Groomer Fashionista’s version of What Not To Wear: Pet Groomer Edition.

What to wear when pet grooming:

  • Nylon tends to shed hair better than most fabrics. It also tends to air dry fairly fast. The only downside is that nylon can be hot, especially in the summer.
  • Pet grooming aprons and grooming jackets are a great. When choosing a grooming apron or grooming jacket, try finding one that isn’t low cut to help to avoid hair splinters in unwanted places.Grooming apron
  • Underneath your grooming jacket or grooming apron, wearing a shirt with your grooming business name and/or logo on it is a great idea. When you are finished grooming pets and transition towards the front of the store to deal with clients, all you have to do is remove your grooming jacket and you have a general work uniform.
  • If you choose to wear street clothing under your grooming apparel, make sure you have dedicated clothing just for work. Find shirts that are professional, avoid low cut shirts, and focus on what the fabric is made of. Anything that is made of satin and rayon will not attract pet hair.
  • Although it can be hot, wearing long sleeves is a good idea. It will help to keep pet hair splinters from getting into your skin and avoid possible infection.
  • Replace clothing when needed. Replacing a stained top or torn pants can cost less than one groom. When it comes to clothing, cleaned and maintained is the way to go: ripped, replace it; dirty, wash it.
  • Collars on shirts can be a lifesaver when trying to keep pet hair out of unwanted places. Try mandarin collared shirts or grooming jackets- try to stick with the high collars.
  • Stick with comfortable, closed toed shoes when grooming pets. Crocs and nursing shoes are a great choice because they are meant for long days on your feet. If you get crocs without holes on the top, they tend to keep your feet dry, unless water slips in through the back of the shoe. Tennis shoes are also made for long-wear uses, but they can sometime be a pain when they are wet since they take longer to air dry. You also want to choose something that is slip-resistant to ensure your safety when bathing pets.
  • Try to keep your hair and nails maintained. You don’t have to look salon ready everyday, but you should maintain a professional manner.

Things to avoid when pet grooming:

  • Cotton attracts hair and takes a long time to air dry. Try avoiding scrubs for different industries other than pet grooming as those are usually made of cotton.
  • Heavily textured fabrics will tend to get pet hair trapped in the threads. Avoid luxe fabrics such as velvet and velour as these attract pet hair. Avoid knits as well because the pet hair can get embedded in the weave.
  • Try to avoid wearing jeans. Jeans take a long time to air dry, hold odors, and are extremely uncomfortable when wet. If you choose to wear jeans, go with jeans that don’t have holes and that fit well.
  • No torn and stained clothing.
  • Leave the sweatpants at home as it’s a very unprofessional look in the pet grooming industry. Keep the sweatpants and comfortable couch as something to look forward to after a hard day at work grooming pets.
  • Leave the booty shorts at home. If you choose to wear shorts, keep them an appropriate length (fingertip length is always a good go-to when choosing what is appropriate grooming apparel).

    An example of appropriate length of shorts

    An example of the appropriate length for shorts

  • Flip flops, sandals, and heels- there are so many safety hazards with these types of shoes, so let’s save them for when we aren’t grooming pets.

Remember, it’s not about changing who you are but it’s about adapting to your environment. You don’t want to have the mentality of “I’m just there to clean and groom dogs and that’s all.” You are charging the clients for top quality grooms, so you must present yourself in a professional manner.


“you cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure”- Zig Ziglarladder of success

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